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Richard Brackenberg
Albany, IL

"The work on my basement was completed as promised; the work was completed in a timely manner. The crew members were very polite and answered all of my questions in a professional manner. They cleaned up their mess and left my basement very neat. Jeff explained my system and how it worked in such a way that it was very easy to understand. I would hire them again if necessary. I was happy with the whole project."

Leo Henderson
Aledo, IL

"Everything was done above my expectations-thanks!. Very professional. Nothing to gripe about."

Ed Dooley
Alpha, IL

"Very pleased with our spouts, very tough job. Now I am anxious for a big rain!"

Rose Bud Farms
Aledo, IL

"I never saw the crew, but judging by the job and clean up, they are true professionals and I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks."

Ron Henderson
Alpha, IL
"They completed the job on schedule. They were very polite and efficient. They did a good job on cleaning up the mess. It seems here to have relieved the water table underneath the garage floor; it usually seems to hold the moisture"

Darlene Seidl
Andalusia, IL

“The work appears to be done according to plan and was done quickly. The cre seemed to know what they were doing and worked well together. The crew was friendly and the clean up afterwards went well."

Mike Stoneking
Andalusia, IL

“They did a very good job and work was quicker than I expected. They were all very kind and courteous.They took the time to explain everything and answer and questions I had."

Dale Klapperich
Andalusia, IL

“The job was done exactly as I was told it would be done. The two man crew did a great job and were willing to explain things if I had questions. The area was cleaned up well. I would recommend them to anyone who has basement water problems."

Frank Mapes
Atkinson, IL

"We were very pleased with the work done in our basement. The men were nice and very professional. The work was completed in time and the men did a wonderful job protecting carpeting and cleaning up."

Jack Collis
Colona IL.

"As to all the items listed above, I would an "A"!. Work was completed in a timely, professional and friendly way."

Jolene Horman
Colona IL.

"Great Job!"

Sandy Duncan
Colona IL

"Work was great, crew was friendly and courteous, crew did great work- basement and yard looked great!"

Elizabeth Schmidt
Carbon Cliff IL

"Great job, on time, cleaned up. Basement was dry by the time the job was complete.3 1/2 days"

Cassie Hanson
Cambridge IL

"Polite crew, good job clean up, good service"

Allen Goben
Coal Valley IL

"Work completed in a professional manner as per agreement. crew worked great together. And no cussing. A good job was done cleaning up. I am satisfied with job."

Linda Barton
Coal Valley IL

"Everything the crew did was great. the clean up was great too. I thought I was going to be eating dust, but it wasn't that bad at all. I would tell anyone who needed it to call Iowa- Illinois."

Dave and Julie Hogeboom
Coal Valley IL.

"We were very impressed with how quickly the work was completed and how the room was picked up and cleaned each day. I'm hoping that our water is gone for good. Let it rain- let it rain!"

Greg and Jan Siebenthal
Edelstein Il.

“All work was completed in a timely manner. Crew was friendly and efficient. good clean up!"

Loretta Sognowski
Fulton IL.

"Great Job!"

Clarence Wiersema
Fulton IL

"We were happy the way the job was done. The crew did it in a very professional way. They cleaned up the job very nicely and they were very polite about themselves. We were very with Iowa-Illinois's way of doing business. Thank you"

Carolyn Stevens
Galesburg IL.

"Very satisfied with work done. The efficiency of the crew, the clean up after completion of the job - I feel very optimistic they this will solve my water problems"

Richard Wek
Galesburg IL

"Very professional, job was well done. Courtesy was excellent."

Troy and Marie Johnson
Galesburg IL

“A job well done! We are pleased with everything you did for us. All tasks were completed in a timely manner. The crew was very courteous and respectful of our property. We would give you a wonderful recommendation to anyone. Thank you very much!"

Clarence Schultz
Galva IL

“The work was done as per projected plan. The crew was efficient, courteous and quiet. Not much talking. Clean up was good as it could possibly be. Thanks!"

Ryan and Dawn Sheddan
Geneseo IL.

“Thank you so much for your hard work! We have full confidence that our basement water problems are cured.- true peace of mind. We appreciate your courtesy extended to allow us time to finance this project. We are especially pleased with the skill of your crew. Our kindness impression. Thanks for your excellent clean up! :)"

Harry and Silvia Klavon
Geneseo IL.

“Work was done very well, clean up too. Very satisfied and will tell others who need waterproofing too."

Terri Kandis
Geneseo IL.

"My husband cut their ad out of the newspaper. Jeff came out and was very knowledgeable with what he would have to do to fix my basement problem. It all went great, just the way it was explained. Jeff and his co-workers were great, explaining each step to me - very professional throughout entire work time. Clean up was great. They had done an extremely professional job from start to finish. I will be recommending them to my family and friends."

Colin Searcy
Germantown Hills IL.

"Everything real good, nice people"

Kandy Johnson
Hillside IL.

"Excellent work crew, great attitudes, and very courteous - job completed as stated. Clean up was great. I didn't have to do anything"

Fred and Phyllis Snyder
Illinois City IL.


John and Frances Krueger
Illinois City IL.

“A good review was given to tell us what the job entailed. Workers were diligent and hard workers. And knew what they had to do. very well done."

Tammy Morehead
Illinois City IL.

“Work was done in a very professional way. Everything was completed to our satisfaction. Crew worked quickly and left job site clean and well picked up each day. Crew was very friendly and nice to be around."

Marjorie Rasure
Kewanee IL.

“Crew worked rapidly and quietly as possible. All item of contract fulfilled. They carefully protected the personal items. We are promptly answered all questions of my concern. Absence of profanity or foul language and was greatly appreciated."

Eva Hapner
Kewanee IL

"Always working while on the job, seemed to be a good group of workers."

Elizabeth Carlson
Lynn Center IL.

Job was completed by crew quickly, professionally with good attitudes."

Linda Viernow
Matherville IL

"Very good, clean work, nice guys!"

Steve Dobbins
Matherville IL.

“I was very impressed with Mr. Gerety from the time he gave us an estimate. You could tell he wasn't "just a salesman". The job took less than the time expected. The clean up was better than I expected. And "if" after the rainy season gets here, and I still have a dry basement I will sing praises on Main Street. I say if, because it's still so hard to believe I gave a dry basement. Thanks for a great job!"

John Gunther
Milan IL.

"Outstanding job, did a fine job"

Russell Burton
Milan IL.

“All work was done as planned. Very pleased with the job. Jeff and his crew were more than willing to take the time to explain what was being done and answer any questions that I had. Job site was cleaned up well"

Ruth Ann Hatch
Milan IL.

“The job was done per plans and finished earlier than expected. The crew was polite, very courteous and their work attitude was excellent. The unwanted material was hauled away leaving the job site very clean. My husband and I our pleased with the professional work done and our basement is dry. Thanks for a great job!"

Hollie Rebhunn
Moline IL.

"Thank you for doing such a great job, and for answering all my questions. I was amazed at how quickly the work was done and how clean my basement each night when the workers left. Everything went according to plan. Including no water in my basement. Thanks again. Great Job!!"

Carmen Hernandez
Moline IL.

"Jeff and his helper did an excellent job. Performance of crew was excellent. Very hard workers. Attitude and courtesy of crew was very good.explained everything thoroughly. After job, clean up was spotless! I would recommend them to anyone."

Jim and Carol Hastings
Moline IL.

“We are very pleased with the work that was done. They answered all questions that we had. Arrived on time and completed work earlier than expected. The entire crew was very professional and courteous. The clean up was great. We have new carpet and they were extremely careful to cover everything. I would highly recommend Iowa Illinois."

Gwen Johnson
Moline IL.

"All work was excellent. Great timing, very clean, courteous workers. I would and will recommend this company to anyone wanting dependable quality work."

Harry Hitchcock
Moline IL.

“The work was done as according to plan and was handled in a very professional way. I would recommend this company to anyone planning to get this same work done."

Rosemary Hensley
Moline IL.

“All work was accomplished in accordance with the job plan. The performance of the crew was excellent. They are very professional and courteous. I expressed concern for my neighbor regarding discharge. The foreman came up with a solution that alleviated my concerns. After the job clean up was fine. All debris created was taken out of the basement and hauled away. I would recommend this company to anyone needing basement waterproofing. The crew is professional and competent. The workers came with a job to do and performed it in a timely professional manner."

Daniel Ruiz
East Moline IL.

"Work done as planned. Crew worked very hard and wasted no time.
The crew was polite and had a great attitude. The crew cleaned up great after themselves. I was very pleased with the work and crew. They explained everything to us. I would recommend them to anyone."

Vance DeBruine
East Moline IL.

"Great Job...well done. We are very pleased with everything your crew did!!!"

Robyn Taylor
East Moline IL.

"Very please with all aspects of the completed job. Jeff and his workers were very friendly, reliable and helpful. The job was completed in a very timely manner according to the job plan. Everything was cleaned up well."

Mary Howard Goldstein
East Moline IL.

“Howard and I are very pleased with the entire operation. The men were very courteous. The procedure was well explained and the clean up was exceptional. Thank you so much and you are highly recommended."

Teresa Chapman
East Moline IL.

"Completely pleased with the completion of my basement. It was finished just before all that came this spring. NOT A DROP or water in my basement. I couldn't be happier. The crew professional fast and efficient. All clean was done. I would highly recommend this company for your waterproofing basement job."

Carl Pearsall
East Moline IL

"Work was done very professionally- care was taken not to make unnecessary mess. Cleaning was all done by crew. VERY GOOD JOB.

Larry Shaw
Monmouth IL.

"Great Job"

Darrel and Angie Vandervinne
Morrison IL.

"Work performed as scheduled. The crew was helpful and did a great job cleaning up. We would recommend Iowa / Illinois Basement Waterproofing and Home Service to others. We are looking forward to a dry basement."

Dick Ottens
Morrison IL.

"We are very pleased with every aspect of their job. The three young men that were here we're courteous and cheerful. The clean up every night and at the end of the job was great. We would recommend them to anyone. Thank you!"

John Bicklelandt
Mt. Carroll IL

“The crew did a very good job! I would recommend this company to anyone."

Ron Nash
Neponset IL

"Work was completed according to plan. Attitude and the courtesy of the crew was excellent. I was very satisfied."

Lynn and Roy Coon
New Windsor Il

“We enjoyed having the people work on our basement. The people were really nice and they explained everything well. The work was well done."

Dean and Mildred Ator
Orion IL.


Jim Kadovy
Oak Run IL.

"Nice job and crew was friendly, over all pleased with the job."

Beverly McNiel
Port Byron IL.

“The men were great to get along with. They did a great job cleaning up. I think they did a great job."

Brian Maydew
Port Byron IL.

"These guys are very professional. They worked very hard and did a great job. Now we have a dry basement for the life of our house. They also cleaned up their area very thoroughly."

Cynthia Hornback
Preemption IL.

"The company did a very nice job. We were very pleased with the work that they performed. It was done as promised and clean up was great."

Steven DeBacker
Preemption IL.

"Would recommend you to anyone."

Veronica Mason
Savanna IL.

“I am very pleased with all the work that Tim and his men did."

Betty Anderson
Savanna IL

"The performance of you and your crew was excellent, courteous and accomplished work within the stated time frame. You may use my name as a well satisfied customer."

Mary Troha
Savanna IL.

"The work was started as planned. The 1st stage of preparation was done on the first day. Each worker had a certain job to do and they performed that very well. They were friendly and would answer any questions that you wanted to know about the job.they completed the job in two days. Clean up was done as they finished each stage. It was done well."

Franklin Rasmussen
Sheffield IL.

"The job was well done according to the job plan. The workers did excellent work and kept at their job until done. They were very courteous and had a good attitude. They cleaned up things very well. They were very friendly and I would hire them again to work for me. No other company could beat their work. They were great workers. Thanks!"

Samuel Schold
Sherrard IL.

"The crew did exceptional work. Great guys! Everything worked as planned and clean up was great also! Thank you!"

John McNerhany
Sherrard IL.

"Work was explained and completed according to estimate. Crew was very neat and professional. Plastic was put down to protect carpet and area was cleaned up. I couldn't even tell they were here. So far, no more water!"

Adam Crooks
Sherrard IL.

"The work was done according to the job plan, exactly. Details explains the work to be performed was very good and Jeff presented himself and his crew very well and professional. After job clean up was excellent!"

Mary Bein
Silvis IL

"Work crew performance and clean up was outstanding. I would recommend them to anyone."

Jerri Crabtree
"Work was completed quickly. Crew performed professionally and cleaned up after themselves. They were helpful answering questions. Looks like a job well done."

Larry Gass
Silvis IL

"Crew did a great job. Work was on time. Clean up was performed after work was completed. No water in my basement at all from the rains we just had. Thanks for a great job!"

Elwin Haak
Sterling IL

"We were pleased with the crew. They we as neat as could be expected with the type of job. The over all performance of the crew was very good. And clean up was good too."

Robert Spalding
Taylor Ridge IL

"We're very pleased with the job you did. Every aspect exceeded our expectations. I am writing this note a week later after 3 days of rain. Not so much as a damp spot in my basement. I can't even believe the amount of water being pumped out into the yard. Your view of what problem was and the steps you took to correct it were right on target. We were expecting a two day job and it was finished in one with 3 men. The crew was very polite, with the exception of and air hammer. We hardly knew you were there. My wife was pleased because you left the floors cleaner than when you arrived. I would recommend Iowa-Illinois Basement Waterproofing to anyone with a similar problem. You did an outstanding job."

George Kensinger Jr.
Taylor Ridge IL

"Very good workers, job on time. I will recommend you to all I know."

Virgil Fuhr
Taylor Ridge IL

"Tim and his crew did a great job. We haven't had a drop of water in our basement since."

Jose' and Lynette Solazar
Washington IL

"The crew was very courteous. They kept us informed of work they had done, what was going to be done. And what time they wold be arriving each day. Nice guys. Work was completed as planned. Thorough explanations given.

Robert Clark
Washington IL

"Your men did a very good job. Thanks!"

Bill Richard
Washington IL

"Great job!"

Myron Hofmeister
Prophetstown, IL

“All work was done promptly and with very little dust and inconvenience. Jeff explained how the project would be done and how everything worked.”

Cindy Giese
Peoria, IL

“I appreciate the efficiency of the crew. They worked hard in getting the job done in as few days as possible. I appreciated the placing of plastic on floors and stairs as protection. The clean-up was nice to have the last day and throughout the project.”

Amy M. Brant
Peoria, IL

“The work was completed according to the job plan. The crew was very hard working at all times. Their attitudes were very positive and courteous. The cleanup was better than expected. The whole crew was knowledgeable about the work being performed and I was pleased with the overall job.”

Darcy Conley
Peoria, IL

“Fast workers! No mess! Thank you!”

Wayne Ingram
East Peoria, IL

“Great Job! Courteous crew!”

Ruby Herald
East Peoria, IL

“The job looked great. Cleanup was fine. The guys were great!”

Michael Grachek
West Peoria, IL

“Did everything that was expected. Everything was explained, satisfactory and conducted in a professional manner.”

Scott Polenski
Rapids City, IL

“They took the extra step to assure me of no leaky basement. The crew was very nice and fast. Great job! Now I can finish my basement without any worries! Thanks!”

Lynne Farrington
Reynolds, IL

“The job was completed to what estimate was given. They seemed very nice and professional. We have had no rain since job has been completed.”

Carl and Marjorie Wolf
Reynolds, IL

“Thanks so much! Great job! Fast service!”

Daniel and Cynthia England
Rock Island, IL

“Excellent service! Work was completed quickly. Area was cleaned daily. Very professional presentation. Very low key without pressure, when giving estimate. Work was completed as estimated. Heavy spring rains started the day after the waterproofing system was installed. For the first time in 20 years our basement is dry!

Edward Sutterman
Rock Island, IL

“Work was done according to plan and within specified time. Crew was efficient, courteous, and pleasant. They answered any questions we had. We were happy with the clean-up job and would greatly recommend to anyone considering waterproofing.”

Loren and Roxanna Claude
Rock Island, IL

“Jeff, the basement looks wonderful! No more water or musty smell! We appreciate the basement being kept neat and the work area being picked up each day. Thanks for being patient with all of our questions and always calling back with answers! I have already recommended your company to a co-worker!”

Velma Bingaman
Rock Island, IL

“Work was done s was proposed and explained step by step. I can say that the crew was pleasant, hardworking, very attentive to their work and courtesy was tops! Everything was cleaned up when they left. I would recommend them to anyone. They were super!”

Doug and Diane Allison
Rock Island, IL

“During the time of the job being completed we were extremely happy with the worl being done. Tim and the crew were professional, prompt, courteous, and attentive to cleaning up and maintaining a clean area. The job was done very well and we are happy with the result that we are high and dry! Thanks guys!”

W.C. Royal
Rock Island, IL

“All work was performed according to the plan. The crew worked well together and finished to job in the time promised. They were very careful and cleaned the area well. They left no mess! We would highly recommend your company to our friends and neighbors. Thanks again for a great job!”

Bonnie Pollock
Bettendorf, IA

“The work was very well done and completed on time. I was most appreciative of how careful they were and how clean everything was when they were finished. I would definitely recommend them to other people.”

Elizabeth Dunne
Bettendorf, IA

“Your crew did an excellent job. I’ve never seen anyone work harder! They were prompt , courteous, and efficient. They were very careful to protect all furnishings and carpet in my downstairs family room. They did a very good clean up job. Very good company! I highly recommend you. Wish I had called you long ago!”

Maria Nelson
Bettendorf, IA

“The work was completed according to plan. The crew was prompt, friendly, courteous and professional. Clean up was excellent and I am very satisfied with the process and result.”

Jim Gabor
Bettendorf, IA

“The whole package was fantastic! Everything was kept clean. The job looks great. Thank you! Would recommend Iowa Illnois Basement Waterproofing to anyone!”

George Weers
Bettendorf, IA

“The crew was very efficient. The work was done in a very professional manner, according to the job plan. The crew had a very professional attitude. They kept dust to a minimum. The clean up was done very well.”

Wilfrid C. Scheckel
Bettendorf, IA

“As far as I can tell, the work was done very professionally with very little disruption or inconvienence to our household. The crew was friendly and kept the dust and dirt to a minimum. A good job was done on the clena up. Overall my wife and I are pleased with the work.”

Heather and Jeff Jasper
Bettendorf, IA

“We were very pleased with level & professional workmanship. The job site was clean and well picked up. You went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you!”

Jason Andreson
Bettendorf, IA

“My wife and I are extremely satisfied with the work performed. The work was done exactly as the quote/job plan read. Thejob was completed in a timely and professional manner. Also, the job site was clean after job completion. Iowa Illinois Basement Waterproofing will be our recommendation to others. Thank you!”

Larry Harris
Bettendorf, IA

“Tim and Jeff are very good. They are professional and start and finish the job on time. They clean up the site very well. I strongly recommend them and welcome any calls prospective customers. This is the third house they have done for me.”

Gary L. Ross
Bettendorf, IA

“Everything was excellent. We were very pleased with the crew! Thank you!”

Dan Decoster
Bettendorf, IA

“Awesome! Very nice work with honest people. You obviously take great pride in your work. Couldn’t be happier!”

Ron Schafnit
Bettendorf, IA

“The work was done according to the job plan. The crew was very energetic and industrious as well as accommodating. Their work seemed very good. The cleanup also was very good. We were pleased with the entire process.”

Wayne and Deb Sperry
Bluegrass, IA

“Real good job. Friendly. Good clean-up. Explained everything.”

Vince Lehmkuhl
Bluegrass, IA

“Excellent job guys. I will recommend your company anytime. I got four estimates and you were by far the most knowledgeable and professional. Thanks again!”

Ivan and Marilyn Owens
Bluegrass, IA

“Very professional, prompt, and did a very professional job. I would recommend their services.”

Fred Miller
Buffalo, IA

“Great job!”

Randy Upton
Buffalo, IA

“Work was done according to discussed plan. Service by Jeff was very courteous. Impressed with Jeff’s attention to keeping customer living space clean while doing outside work. He took his shoes off after doing outside work and put them on after going otuside of living space. That type of care is very impressive. We appreciate your prompt service done with attention to fine details.”

Ronald Sullivan
Bryant, IA

“The crew was very friendly and courteous. They did a professional job and cleaned up real well. I was able to ask questions when I was there while they were working and didn’t mind explaing things. Thank you very much.”

Chad Christensen
Calamus, IA

“Outstanding job! Work was done according to job plan with attention to detail. They crew worked from the time they got here until it was time to quit. They put in a days work. All memebers of the crew were courteous, professional, and took the time to answer any questions. The clean up on a daily basis was extraordinary. Tools picked up and organized etc. The after job clean-up was outstanding. We were able to put our basement back together without much clean-up on our part. Great job!”

Jeff and Gail Coughlin
Calamus, IA

“First hard rain and no water! Thank you!”

Louis Harmon
Clinton, IA

“The men were all very hard workers. They came when they said they would and were courteous. After completion they did a good job cleaning up. We would highly recommend them.”

Shirley Holt
Clinton, IA

“I was very pleased with the job done in my home. Tim and his crew worked steady and did a great job both inside and out. They cleaned everything up each day. Everyone on the job was friendly and polite. It was a real pleasure having them here and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs waterproofing done.”

Donald McKinley
Clinton, IA

“Very professional and hardworking crew. Work was done on time and clean up was done as should be. Would highly recommend!”


Mark Ohnemus
DeWitt, IA

“The workmanship was excellent and the crew was careful to clean the area. The work was completed on schedule and at the cost quoted.”


A.A. Frommelt
DeWitt, IA

“I am very satisfied with the work you performed for me. Everything was done as promised. The after job clean-up was perfect. Thank you!”

Marilyn Hair
DeWitt, IA

“Very professional, trustworthy employes. Completely satisfied with job done.”

Raymond and Cookie Young
Davenport, IA

“We were extremely pleased with the job done and the crew who completed the job. Their attitudes were good and they explained in detail about the job being done. Everything was kept picked up and nothing left in the yard. The yard was not damaged by tools or workers. We would recommend you and we have to others. Thanks for a great job done.”

Jeff and Kathy Hunt
Davenport, IA

“Five star job guys! Outstanding! All work done as planned. Professional crew. Hard working. Excellent job. We were very surprised at the minimal amount of dust. Highly recommend this company for basement waterproofing!”


Andrea and Teague Lovell
Davenport, IA

“Thank you for a great job! We used you at our previous residence and you were quick, courteous and clean both times. If we move to a house with a wet basement, we will definitely use you again!”


Thomas and Marcia Boland
Davenport, IA

“We can’t begin to say how pleased we were with the job that was done by Jeff and his crew. The work was started and completed in record time and everything done that was stated to us. The crew were dependable, did their jobs well, very knowledgeable and extremely respectful of the other parts of our home that they used coming in and out with supplies, etc. The clean-up before, during, and after the job was wonderful. We wouldn’t hesitate for one minute to recommend Iowa Illinois Basement Waterproofing to all of our friends.”


Becca Meier
Davenport, IA

“I was extremely impressed with everything from the estimate to the completion of the work. It turned out better than I expected. Thank you. I have recommended a lot of people to you and I am glad I did!”

Peggy Ross
Davenport, IA

“Work was started and completed on time. They conducted themselves in a very professional manner. The courtesy and attitude of the crew was remarkable. They did an excellent after job clean-up. I would highly recommend Iowa Illinois Basement Waterproofing services to family, friends, and others.”

Larry and Diane Hill
Delmar, IA

“Excellent! We are very pleased with the job you did and the crew was great. We are totally pleased with everything. Would recommend you to anyone!”

Brian Smith
Durant, IA

“Jeff, we thank you so much for your timely, clean, work ethics in doing our basement. Out of three bids, yours was by far the most professional and cost effective! One was $2000 over yours and the other didn’t do half the work you did. Again, thanks for your business and we will refer anyone we can here in Durant.”

Connie S. Owings
Eldridge, IA

“The work was performed just as it had been described to me. The workers were on time and worked steadily. Tim was courteous, professional, and very willing to answer questions. The carpets were covered well with plastic and clean-up was thorough.”

Roger Parmenter
Eldridge, IA

“Fast service and on-time. Great attitude, and smart solution to a messy problem. Very clean after job completion.”

Kenneth L. Kaczinski
Eldridge, IA

“Work was done by job plan. Very good work. Clean-up was very good.”

Charles and Chris Young
Grandview, IA

“One hell of a job! Thank you!”

Linda Morrison
LeClaire, IA

“You did a wonderful job. Clean-up was great after the work was done. I am very satisfied with Iowa Illinois Basement Waterproofing. Thank you!”

Rita Martin
LeClaire, IA

“Job well done with minimal mess. You cleaned up well! Started on time, on date agreed to. Work done as agreed upon.”

Patricia Burnett
LeClaire, IA

“Great Job! Job completed in time allowed. Very nice and respectful workers. Construction area was clean. Looks great! Thank you!”

Patricia Burris
Maquokota, IA

“This is a fine company to work with. They are quiet, non-intrusive, and extremely cooperative and timely. They arrived when they said , finished the job when they said, and are very professional. Excellent!”

Corey and Dena Bates
Muscatine, IA

“Work was done exactly as expected and explained. Performance of crew was very good. The entire crew was courteous and had very good attitudes. Clean-up was awesome. My basement was cleaner when they left, than when they had started! Very nice and professional company! Thanks!”

Dave and Dyann Roby
Muscatine, IA

“All work was done just like it was supposed to be. The work crews were very pleasant; they worked their tails off carrying five gallon buckets of cement, rock, mud, broken concrete etc. They were very polite and knowledgeable about the work they were doing. After the work was completed, they cleaned inside and outside. When they left it was very hard to tell they had been here. I would recommend Iowa Illinois Basement Waterproofing to anyone needing their services. Thank you Tim and Jeff!”

Howard and Blythe Wagner
Muscatine, IA

“For the amount of the type and performance of crew on this job; this company excels! The crew worked quickly and took the time to explain the issues. Cleanliness was important and the crew took great care to control all the dust and tracking. They made sure things were completely swept and all evidence of any mess was gone.”

Roger and Linda Johnson
Muscatine, IA

“When Tim and his crew got here they started to work right away. They even moved items on steps for me. Thank you! We are very satisfied with the work and attitude of the men. They were very polite. Clean-up was excellent. The work was completed as Tim explained.”

David Michel
Preston, IA

“Excellent work! Very clean when done!”

Annis and Jim Bear
Preston, IA

“We were very impressed with the professionalism and work ethic exhibited by Jeff Gerety and his crew. The crew arrived promptly exactly as scheduled and got right to work. Heavy plastic was draped from ceiling to floor to block dust from open rooms. Plastic was cleverly taped to carpet to keep it in place. The cement was removed all the first day, and piping and other materials and new cement was put in by 3:00PM the second day. Areas were neatly cleaned up each day before they left. The crew members were very pleasant and courteous. We will be happy to tell others of our positive impressions of crew and their strong work ethic. Thank you again. We look forward to our dry basement!”

James Feller
Preston, IA

“They did all the things described in our meeting. Job looks very good. Tim did a fine job and the crew did as expected. The crews were quiet and mannerly whenever I talked to them. Because it was wet it got very messy, but the guys cleaned up very well. Tim even mopped the floor when they were done. Thank you!”

Jack Walcher
Princeton, IA

“Great job!”

Luke Sandberg
Princeton, IA

“Everything looks great! Excellent clean-up. We appreciate it!”

Robert Fox
Walcott, IA

“Did all work as previous explained. Work was done on time. Crew explained work being done as completed. House was left neat and clean when work was finished.”

Ralph Hillis
Welton, IA

“The job was done in a professional and timely manner. After the work was complete we had several days of hard rain. The basement remained dry during a period when it would have had several inches of water covering the floor.”

Leroy and Mildred Shutt
Wheatland, IA

“Excellent job. We were pleased! Satisfactory in every way. These fellows can work for us anytime. Nice people to be around.”


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